Jewelry Care

Due to the nature of .925 sterling silver being a very durable, but softer metal, slight scratches may develop over time. This is a normal occurrence with silver jewelry and is not a defect.

It is best to avoid any chemicals. All you need to give your piece a shine is a dip in a mild soap bath (do not use antibacterial soap as it contains chemicals that promote tarnishing), followed up by a polish using a microfibre cloth or non-abrasive jewelry cloth.

Keep jewelry out of chlorinated water and apply body lotion, hairspray, sunscreen and perfume well before putting the jewelry back on.

It is advised to store your jewelry separately (to avoid tangling or scratching) in a sealed bag, pouch and/or our Zephyr Grey jewelry boxes to prevent tarnishing.

Extra note on Gold Vermeil

To prolong the life of plated jewelry, a gentle wipe down with a microfibre cloth is recommended when the jewelry is removed for the day. This will keep the jewelry free of dust, lessening the opportunity of tarnishing. It is not recommended to get gold vermeil wet in the shower, sink or sea.