Jewelry Care

Just like us, jewelry ages, needs a clean, enjoys new adventures, hates chores, and likes to sleep in comfort.  We’re here to help you give your jewelry the best life it can have with these 6 tips:


All Zephyr Grey pieces are made from solid .925 sterling silver (with the gold collection plated with gold vermeil) and are meticulously crafted to be shiny and polished.  However, as silver is a softer metal, you may notice slight scratches developing over time. Just like smile lines, don’t fret and remember that distressing is natural and show signs of a happy life.


The best way to keep your silver jewelry happy is by wearing it often. Seriously. To avoid silver tarnishing, the oils in your body will naturally keep your pieces looking shiny and new!


If your jewelry does need a clean, keep in mind: if you wouldn’t put it on your skin, don’t put it on your jewelry! Therefore, it is best to avoid any chemicals. All you need to give your piece a shine is a dip in a mild soap bath, followed up by a polish using a microfibre cloth or non-abrasive jewelry cloth. 


Your jewelry wants to go everywhere with you! However, despite what it may tell you, it cannot swim and has a sensitive nose. Keep your pieces out of chlorinated water and apply body lotion, hairspray, sunscreen and perfume well before putting your jewelry back on.


Like your siblings, jewelry somehow has a way of getting out of doing chores. Let it slide though, as chemicals in household cleaners, rubber, and any products containing sulfur will cause corrosion and tarnishing.


Jewelry needs it’s beauty sleep sometimes too! The best spot to lay your pieces to rest is in soft, dark, dry place, away from extreme heat, with enough room from other jewelry to ensure no scratching or other kinky things happen. Hint: your Zephyr Grey packaging is a perfect oasis for your beloved piece.

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