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Modern heirlooms

Zephyr Grey is a jewelry brand that instills timeless elegance into contemporary, everyday essential pieces.

We celebrate the modern woman in her diverse individuality and lifestyle, while having a strong focus on top quality, versatile and cherished staples.

Slow fashion is our mantra. We do not produce designs to follow the typical fashion calendar. New pieces are created fluidly, with timelessness in mind. We deviate from trends or pressure to produce for the sake of quick consumption.

We are ready to break the mold traditionally expected from fashion and accessory brands and aim to be more mindful of the world we live in today.

The process

Bali, Indonesia

Each piece of jewelry is made by hand by generational artisans in a small, female owned production house in Bali, Indonesia.

Bali is an island that will inspire you to manifest your own dreams into reality. The people are just as warm as the air and the ocean and when you see the moon exchange hands with the sun over the water each night, the black sand literally sparkles.

Each design has been hand carved from wax then filled with solid .925 sterling silver and assembled and polished to perfection. The gold collection uses solid .925 sterling silver and a thick layer of gold vermeil.

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